Friday, April 24, 2009

Crossing Paths

This week has been very busy for us, it makes us wonder how we ever had time to go to work. This was the week that our escrow closed and we spent Monday running around getting signatures notarized and papers overnighted down to Tucson. The title to the property was finally recorded late Thursday. It is now official... we are rv fulltimers for sure. Also Jim and Nancy came through Apache Junction and stayed for a few days to visit. We were able to share one of our favorite cuisines with them at the Guru Palace in Mesa, AZ. They had not had Indian food before and between the four of us, we managed to clean our plates. And we had to take them to Trader Joes. They had never been to a Trader Joes and we felt so sorry for them that there were no Trader Joes in the Eastern US. So that was a must visit. Also we went with them to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum so they could see the oasis in the desert canyon up near Superior. And after we strolled the gardens for several hours we headed up to Superior to get a pizza at Toast. It was a long wait but the pizzas were delicious. We were sorry to see them head off on Thursday but hopefully they will be able to meet up with us later this summer in the Northwest. This week was also a goodbye to my brother until the Winter and one last pastel class with Nancy. Tomorrow we head North to Camp Verde, AZ. Back on the road again.

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