Monday, April 6, 2009

Here Comes The Judge

Pastel Artist and Judge for the Sedona Art Show in April is Polly Cullen shown here in the photo explaining the criteria by which she chose about 60 paintings to be in the show. She was most interested in strokes or marks and having some artistic emotion. Then everyone was allowed into the room where all the paintings had been placed for the judging which took about an hour and a half. If your painting had a green dot on it, then it was accepted for the show. There were over 200 paintings that had been brought by all the members of the Pastel Association and so many paintings had no green dot. My paintings were at the back and I was not feeling very confident that I would get any green dots as there were so many professional and artistic paintings that had been submitted. But lo and behold.... 2 of the 3 paintings that I had submitted had green dots. Unbelieveable. Allan was so excited for me and took a picture of the paintings sitting there proudly wearing their dots. Nancy Clauss, our pastel teacher and artist also had 2 paintings chosen so we all came away happy. Next Thursday Allan and I will transport our paintings and Nancys also up to Sedona for the show.

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