Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hosting The Show For A Day

Tuesday was our day to host the Pastel Show at the Sedona Art Center. We opened up at 10:00 a.m. without setting off the alarm, so far so good. Then we lit all the lights and read over the instructions on how to process a sale. Visitors began arriving almost as soon as we had turned on the lights and we had a steady stream of people all day, but unfortunately no one made a purchase. It was interesting though that most of the visitors were also in the arts in some way and wanted to see what other artists were doing. Polly Cullen, our judge came by and we were happy to be able to talk with her about her plans to have a workshop in December for pastels. She had several paintings in the show also and you can see them behind me on the right side of the photo. I am standing next to my two paintings, the legs under the table and the iris. Polly was kind enough to give me some pointers on how the paintings could have had some additional sparkle. The cake painting underneath mine was the Grand Prize Winner and was painted by Liz Kenyon so my paintings were in very good company. Both of us had a wonderful time hosting the show and talking with everyone who came by. We would definitely do this again next year.

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