Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May Pastel Meeting

After a business meeting hosted by our new president, Karen Budan, we were treated to a demo by Josie Taglienti. Josie works on large Japanese or Egyptian papers in Terry Ludwig pastels. Her works hang as scrolls on the wall and are usually of figures in an expressive structure. She works on several paintings at a time, painting on one work while contemplating the next steps on the others. She also encouraged everyone to register their art work, handing out internet sites where registration could be accomplished. It was nice to see people we had met up at the Sedona show, and also to welcome Dana, Ellen, and Kathy whom we had met at Liz Kenyons workshop. And finally we were able to say goodbye for now to our pastel teacher, Nancy Clauss. It has been a very productive art winter for us here in the Phoenix area.

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