Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Port Townsend and Bowman Bay

Monday we headed out early, driving across Whidby Island to Keystone where we parked the truck and walked on the ferry to Port Townsend where Jim and Nancy picked us up at the Port Townsend ferry terminal. First they drove us to the Escapees RV Park where they were staying as we had never seen an Escapees park before. It was very nice and each rv'er had fixed up their space with flowers or pottery in a home like fashion. But it seemed a little far from town for us. Next we headed back towards town stopping at the Art Deco Lighting Museum to look around. The slip glass lighting you see displayed was only popular for 10 years, from 1928 to 1938. After that globes replaced the slip glass. There were cases and cases of lighting from all over the world. After we left the museum, we all went into Port Townsend to shop and then we had a wonderful lunch at Fin's. We finished up the day at the food co-op before heading back to the ferry terminal for the return crossing. It was great seeing Jim and Nancy one last time before saying goodbye for a while as we are heading out in separate directions from here. We hope to run into them again this winter while we are down in the desert.
The next day, Allan got the kayaks put together and we headed over to Bowman Bay for a few hours of gentle bobbing and photo taking. We had hoped to see lots of wildlife like we did a couple of years ago, but all we saw on this outing was 2 seals and a couple of ducks. Although I did catch a fish. It was a smelt just swimming below the surface of the water and after a couple of tries, I got him on the flat part of my paddle. I was able to bring him in for a closer look and he had beautiful silvery scales that reflected pinks and aqua from the sun. Then I released him back into the bay. So there....Mark and Renita, you are not the only bloggers with fishing stories.
Later on that day we decided to ride our bikes into town and have dinner at Bellisima, the other Italian restaurant in Anacortes. We loved being able to sit outside, cafe style with our beer and olive oil with roasted garlic head and excellent crusty Italian bread, but the prices were way too high and so we did not order a meat entre. My salad was so-so although Allan's ravioli was hand made and the pesto sauce was very good. All in all, we prefer Il Posto. On our bike ride back to the park we were able to see Mt Baker very clearly across Fidalgo Bay. The biking photos show us on the Tommy Thompson biking and walking trail that probably used to be an old railway line. But now it extends from beyond our park all the way into downtown Anacortes.

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