Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finally...Back On The Road

We arrived in Santa Fe, NM today, thinking we made it, barely. First off we had been waiting at home for our new automated awning to come in and be installed on the rv prior to our take off, and that did not happen. It never arrived and we had to cancel the order. Then the whole week prior to leaving, I had the flu. How bad can that be? Well after the first two days of seasickness (did I mention I was not on a boat) and several ejections of evil spirits, I thought OK, thats it. No, that was it for stage one. Stage two was where someone snuck in and poured battery acid down my throat and my head decided to crack into two halves around the midline of my face. At this point, Allan moved into the spare bedroom. Stage three began around day 5 with horrific coughing and expellation of all extraneous lung cells and throat tissue. Day 7 dawned bright and clear with only a steady hacking sound issuing from the sickie, that's me, and a relapse fever after Allan brought the rv from storage to be packed for the trip. We managed to set off on time Tuesday morning and arrived in Holbrook, AZ where the wind was howling and buffeting the rig about in the OK RV Park where we spent the night. This morning we got up and set off early to the tune of only minor coughing from the passenger. And now you are wondering where are the photos of all the fabulous scenery and interesting people. Well we are wondering where they are too. So I will include a prior almost finished painting, just so there is more color for you to see other than the published black and white. Stay tuned....

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