Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Still In Arizona

We are getting close to leaving for the summer and both of us are looking forward to being close to the ocean once again.  Our room addition is partly the reason for our late start and we are currently waiting for a roof cap to go over the awning of the new sunroom.  We had quite a rainstorm last week with hail and wind blowing the rain sideways along the awning and up and under the shingles where the roof meets the awning.  So the result was leaks, many leaks.  Later when the rain came down straight, the leaking stopped, but we knew we had to do something to prevent the leaking during the summer monsoons.  So our awning will be insulated over the top side and then capped at the end of this week.  The room inside is very comfortable and we are already using it for painting at the studio end and reading in the sitting area.   Elsie and Murray are becoming two of the best dogs we have ever had as pets.  Elsie is quite aware of her external environment and watches the birds, looks out of the car window, and keeps her eye on the neighbors walking down the street.  She is an accomplished ball dog, bringing the ball back to me and placing it in my hand.  She is close to being completely housetrained.  Murray on the other hand is still making a mistake on the floor every once in a while and fetches the ball only to keep it away from Elsie.  His eye is always on Allan and he likes to sit on Allan's lap, across his foot, or even on top of his shoulders if he can manage it.  He keeps his eye on me in the morning to make sure that I am getting his breakfast on time.  He is quite a chow hound.  He is also very much a wirehair, looking like a little long bodied terrier whereas Elsie is a little stockier with a very pointy nose and long feathers on her tail and haunches. 

Since we have to wait for another doctor appointment and for the roof to be done, we have been spending most of our time working at the easel.  Allan has roughed out about three paintings and I have about the same.  I was working on some photos that we took in Sedona but can't seem to get the painting I am looking for yet, so I moved on to do a sunset on the Oregon coast which didn't turn out too badly and I am getting ready to start one more coastal scene.  Last Friday we went to a fellow artists home to do some critiques and we all had a good time with plenty of food, coffee, and good friends.  Ruth is calling the group The Patio Painters. 
Ruth and Sarah discussing ideas to vary the wisteria.
Fred with Still Life

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