Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stopover....Las Vegas

Usually when we head towards the northwest, we plan to stop in Las Vegas for a couple of nights just to settle in to the new routine and rest up after the long seven hour journey from Apache Junction.  The Oasis RV Resort is perfect for us with its pools and hot tub, close proximity to the freeway for easy access and departure, and also it is located at the very south end of the strip in case we want to take in a buffet while we are here.  This year we decided to try Mr. Wynn's buffet which got very good reviews and appeared to be competing with the Bellagio for the top marks.  Inside the tall, cloud reflecting glass exterior is a small garden court with balls of fresh flowers that hang down into the trees.   
The buffet area has similar displays of fresh flowers in an atrium setting that leads to the various food serving areas.  In addition to the usual Italian, Seafood, and Carving stations, they have a large middle eastern selection and also a fair selection of Asian entrees.  I thought the creme of asparagus soup was pretty good, not as good as mine, but good.  The salad bar had some unusual selections such as grilled carrot and turmeric couscous, grilled cauliflower and pecans on greens with balsamic dressing, plus the usual caesar salad mixed just for you.  The pizza's and other Italian food looked uninspiring and so I passed those up for the more exotic curries and stir fries of the East.  But the desserts were the best we have come across at a buffet.  The warm, fresh bread pudding was served with a creme anglaise sauce, very nice.  The mojito cream cheesecake was inspired with a mint topping.  And the carrot cake was excellent as well. 

We passed up the candy apples and the thirty other selections for your sweet tooth.  But over all, was the price worth what we got?  No, I am sorry to say it was not.  Mostly because they were advertising one price for the buffet, and after we had waited an hour in line to get in, the price turned out to be an additional $15 per person extra for the Memorial Holiday.  And yes, we could have walked away at that point, but we had just invested an hour of our time in line and now we were really hungry, so we went in anyway.  Live and learn, I guess.  But you would think at our ages we would have learned long ago.   
Tomorrow we take off for Ely, Nevada where the temperatures will be dropping into the 70's.  But for now we are enjoying the 80's and 90's of Las Vegas at the pool with our books.        

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