Sunday, June 10, 2012

Anacortes Bark In The Park

Mushroom Kits
Saturday morning we decided to take the dogs to the Anacortes Annual Bark In The Park, but first we stopped by the farmers market to see what kind of produce was available.  There were about 3 or 4 different bakery stands and we found a small cherry pie which was consumed last night while watching a netflix British murder mystery.  We also got a few scones for the freezer, it's funny about that freezer, it is always needing more scones.  Don't know where they all go.  There was a very interesting stand that sold mushrooms, and even more interesting were the Do It Yourself mushroom kits.  Just a block of organic matter, not manure, which when punctured and misted, sprouted mushrooms.  There were lots of fresh flower stands, many cheese and meat stands, several people that sold handmade soap, homemade jams, and quite a few produce stands.  I purchased some lovely smaller onions, a bag of various lettuces, and a bag of braising greens.  We usually use swiss chard to braise, but this was new and we had to try it. 
Sharon Purchasing Greens at the Produce Stand
Then we headed a few blocks away to the park where the dog event was being held.  There were certainly plenty of people there with their dogs and all the dogs were anxious to meet each other.  They had all sorts of events for you and your dog to participate in.....
Dog Racing Event with Hurdles
The dog races were fun, the dog had to race down the field and get a ball off of a ball holder, then race back over the hurdles to its owner.   There were also agility events where the dog had to go over hurdles, through enclosed areas, jump hoops, climb teeter totters, and so on while the  owner raced alongside pointing at what was next, no spoken commands.
Pointed Command
There were also dogs that danced with their owners, the dog barking/howling contest, and dogs that were dressed up.
Hula, anyone?
It was a fun outing for us and the dogs, but I don't think it is our cup of tea in terms of participation.  I feel bad enough when I put sweaters on the dogs, I don't think I want to dress them up in a hula skirt.   But the sun was out and we all had a hot dog with chili for lunch, so it was a good day for everyone.

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