Wednesday, May 15, 2013

On To Morro Bay

Last Friday we were finally able to start moving west for the summer.  We left Cottonwood early in the morning to head for Bullhead City where we spent the night at the River City RV Park.  This park was inexpensive ($27) and adequate for an overnighter.  What else is there to say... it was representative of the entire area... dry, hot, and neutral in color.  On Saturday we crossed the Colorado River into California and started across the desert through Barstow and on to Tehachapi.  Elsie and Murray really have the routine down now, hopping right into the truck and getting into the back seat where they look out the window or snooze.  
 By midday we were pulling into the Mountain Valley RV Park located up near the Tehachapi Glider Airport.  We settled into a space right on the runway and could see the gliders taken up by the small plane and got the added benefit of being able to walk over to the airport café for a lunch.  In the photo, the large yellow strip behind the tree is the runway of the airport.  Once again the overnight expense was minimal, just $21 dollars, but we had a wonderful view and we would stay here again.  On Sunday we took off early for Morro Bay and the drive was pretty easy, straight west to Paso Robles and then southwest to our destination.  
The weather was sunny and 80 degrees when we arrived, so Allan quickly put his kayak together so that he could get out on the Bay.  Morro Bay is one of the best places to paddle.  The bay runs to the south in an estuary and there are different kinds of birds everywhere.  Plus you can kayak within spitting distance of sea otters and sea lions. And of course there are boats moored along the embarcadero and out in the bay.  One of the ways to know which way the tide is running is to look at the direction the moored boats are facing.   
The sites here at Morro Dunes RV Park are functional and roomy, but expensive at $325/week.  The good news is that we can sit in our rig and look out at the Rock or walk the dogs down on the beach.   The next day we caught up on all the household chores and email obligations in the a.m. and then headed over to the Embarcadero to wander the shops and have some lunch.  Not much to purchase except tourist junk and the fish n'chips were not memorable either. 
But the sun came out and the temperature was about 75 degrees, so we stopped at a coffee place to just kick back and look at the Rock as the fog wreathed around it, to and fro.   Later we headed up towards Main Street and visited a used book store where we each found a few books to read.  I just finished reading "Loyalties" by Carl Bernstein which were his childhood memoirs about the pre-McCarthy era and his parents involvement in civil rights and helping people to unionize.  All of which came under scrutiny during the years of Truman's Loyalty Act.  I also got a few mysteries and Allan picked up another war memoir. 
Yesterday we drove down to Cambria and I had forgotten how cute this town was.... flowerpots and flower gardens everywhere... cafes, shops, and B&B's.  I found a needlepoint store and there was a big inventory to select from... so I now have a new canvas to work on while traveling in the truck.  We got some lunch at Lombardi's Italian Restaurant.  I got the special of a cup of minestrone soup,
a salad with homemade creamy Italian dressing, and a fabulous 1/2 sandwich on toasted Italian bread of pesto, grilled chicken, mozzarella cheese and roasted red peppers.  
Years ago, both Allan and I lived in Carmel and we used to come down the Big Sur Coast all the time to camp, or hike, or just for lunch.  Being in Cambria was like a trip to the past, I had forgotten how beautiful the scenery was on the coast of Big Sur and it was lovely to see the rolling hills, the eucalyptus and the oaks with the blue ocean in the distance again. 

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