Saturday, November 8, 2014

Buzzing Around

Eel River Farm
We are back on the road again after a very hectic week with an africanized bee swarm that established residency in one of our trees.  The hive that they made was longer than my arm and about as thick as a toaster.  There wasn't much honey which is how the bee men knew they were africanized.  They apparently remove about seven hives a day in the spring and several a day in the fall.  But for us it involved a lot of clean up and pruning as they tried to reform even after the hive was removed and the bee people had to return and give them a second shot.  The worst part was that our dog Elsie got several bee stings and now is afraid to go into the backyard.  No photos, sorry.... we just could not get close enough to take a photo.  
Canadian Goose
While all of this was going on, I was getting some paintings prepared to enter the 6" Squared show in Costa Mesa.  I submitted four and was happy to hear that two of the paintings had been juried into the show.  So I got those ready and sent them off the day before we left for Lake Havasu.  We are headed towards Morro Bay where we will pick up my paintings from the PSWC Show.  
Havasu Falls RV Park
We usually stop off in Needles as our halfway point but it is such a desolate hole with the highest fuel prices in California, so this time we decided to try out a park in Lake Havasu, Arizona.  We stayed at Havasu Falls RV and it was mainly cement pads but it did have pull thrus which are perfect for an overnight stay.  
Mountain Valley RV Park, Tehachapi
Yesterday we drove on to Tehachapi where we will stay for three nights.  The rv park is situated right next to the glider airport and from our back window we can watch them take off and land.  The hills are golden brown now and the trees are turning up here on the mountain where the nights are down in the low 40's already.   Tomorrow we make the long drive to Morro Bay to pick up the paintings.  We are just taking the truck and making it an all day trip.  Then on to Tecopa Hot Springs where we hope to stay about a week soaking and relaxing (and maybe plein air painting).  

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