Friday, May 1, 2015


Our trip from home to Sedona last Sunday did not start off well, as we got distracted with something and then forgot to take the last items out of the fridge and left all of the oils and vinegars on the sink counter.  So our first day in Sedona was purchasing all new olive oils, balsamic, A-1, cholula, sesame oil, etc at Whole Foods and Bashas..... and calling Carolyn, our next door neighbor to see if she could clean out the perishables in our fridge so we would not have to come home to "the fridge that was eaten by monster bacteria".   [Thank you very much Carolyn].
But we had a good day on Tuesday, show sitting at our annual APAA Spring Pastel Show.  Linda, a pastel nature artist in the show came by early to sit and chat with us, then Peggy and Gary showed up, and then Kendra came early also.  It was fun to have some time to just sit and talk with everyone.  And while we were talking,  a man came in to show his wife a painting that he really liked and wanted to purchase.  She was fine with that... so our final sale made a total of eight paintings sold for the show.   Then on Wednesday, while we were on the road to Las Vegas.... I got an email from Laura (and also a phone call from Peggy) to say that my painting "Cypress Gardens"  (see above) had gotten the Peoples Choice Award.   That almost made me happier than getting the Honorable Mention from the judge for my "Tehachapi Sunrise" painting. 

The Oasis RV Resort in Las Vegas is always our go to place to stay when we are on the road from home to the northwest.  Yes, it is a little more money, but the pool and hot tub can't be beat and there are all sorts of stores, restaurants, and sights within a range of 1/2 hour or less. 

 We had never been down to Fremont Street for the Light Show.  And many people had told us to check it out... so this time we made sure that we got down there... well no wonder everyone said to check it out, it is like a lewd extravaganza of flashing lights, flashing skin, and throbbing sound.  The sights range from the ridiculous to the absurd. 
There were girls showing their attributes and there were men showing their own attributes.  All those displaying attributes wanted money.  Hands out when they noticed you were taking a photo, and who wasn't taking a photo.  There were two Muslim ladies taking photos too, I'll bet they will have some great stories when they get home.  

Today we got up at 5 a.m. to head over to Red Rock Canyon.  In spite of the fact that we have been here in LV almost yearly, we had never taken the time to visit this scenic area.  We got some great photos which I am already anxious to turn into paintings.  The yellow rock formation that you see in the photo is actually a very old hardened sand dune.  It was an interesting area with many blooming desert plants on a one-way driving loop.  We are looking forward to coming here again .... however I can't say the same for Fremont Street.

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