Saturday, February 18, 2017


We are starting to get the itch to get out on the road more, now that we have our new (used) motorhome.  This came about for a number of reasons, mostly because we wanted to get away from using the truck which had such poor suspension that I ended up with a whiplash in every trip we took.

So earlier this winter we went out to see what kind of motorhome we could trade for.  We visited just about every rv sales place on Apache Trail, and ended up at Cassones RV Sales where they had mostly very high end used motorhomes.  But the salesman said there were two in our price range to see and the second one was THE ONE.   Both of us fell in love with it and couldn't even leave it to go into the office to talk about finances.  The finance manager came out and sat in the rv with us and also took us for a drive in it... letting Allan take the wheel after a bit and then went way out of his way to work out the finance arrangement that I wanted, so we could get it.  So we now have a bit of a payment each month, but we are making plans to get back on the road and have been adding little amenities to the rig in preparation for some trips.  As you can see from the photo, it has wood floors and leather sofas.  This was a plus because of having Murray and Elsie with us and it will be really easy to keep clean.
This last winter has been not one of the best, with my neck in an icepack for 5 weeks accompanied by chiropractor visits, then both of us getting the yearly cold and bronchitis.  All of this intermixed with our Fall Show in Scottsdale, and additional shows in Cave Creek and Glendale, followed by the preparation for our Desert Museum show in Tucson.  And of course, getting promotional ads for our first national show in Sedona.  But Allan sold two paintings in Glendale, and we had a great workshop with Teresa Saia at the end of January, so lots of good things happening as well.

And now we are down in Tucson in time for the Reception of the Desert Museum show at the Ironwood Gallery.  Here is Allan at the cafe in the Voyager RV Resort where we usually stay while in Tucson.  If you look really close, you will see Nancy and Jim, our rv friends, just over the wall, coming to meet us for dinner.  They were both in Arizona for the first part of winter, then headed over to San Diego, and now are back in Tucson for a month.  
We spent the time catching up and planning some places to go while we are here for the reception.  

Yesterday, they came to pick us up to go down to Tubac and Tumacacori National Monument.

We had a good day with the exception of the lunch, where the wind forced us inside, they ran out of guacamole, and had no olive oil for our salads.  
I had purchased some Meyer Lemon Infused Olive Oil from one of the shops, so we used that for our salads.  I think that one more of our favorite places to eat, has gone to the dogs....  
And speaking of dogs....  here is Elsie making herself comfortable on the couch.  

But Murray really knows where to hang out... you can always find him next to the heater.

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