Saturday, May 23, 2009

Canyon Road Gallery Stroll

Although the morning weather was a constant drizzle, we headed out to the farmers market down at the old railway station. We were able to find beautiful lettuce, young spring onions, cage free eggs, and freshly baked quiche. We got extra quiche for the freezer, perfect for one of those evenings when no one feels like cooking. We walked through the railway station to a used bookstore, but it was very tiny and had a limited selection, mostly about the southwest region.

Then we jumped back into the truck and headed over to Canyon Road where we walked up the road looking in the galleries for pastel artists. In the Ventana Gallery we were lucky to see several paintings by Albert Handel and across the street was a gallery for the pastel artist Carole LaRoche. Her paintings were mostly animals with piercing eyes, very colorful on black paper. As we walked up the road we noticed several whimsical sculptures. The sculpture to the left is "Scissors, Rock, and Paper". There were scultures turning in the wind, buried in the sand, and rusting gently in the rain. And since the rain was coming down heavier we finally decided to head back to our warm and cozy rv.

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