Monday, May 4, 2009

Stepping Up (Or Down)

This week we took a little side trip over to Jerome, AZ . This little town resides up on the side of a mountain and all of the streets are switchbacks up the mountainside with the shops and homes located along those zig zag streets. Stairs are located at strategic points to give shortcuts to a street farther up or lower down on the hill. Great exercise for the not so faint of heart. Of course we had to have lunch at the Haunted Hamburger out on the deck with a great view of the Verde Valley in the distance. But the real reason that we always include a trip to Jerome is the Retro Roadrunner Resale Store. The owner lives and works in the shop you see in the photo on the right. There is always a great bargain to be had and the sizes are for real people not toothpick teenagers. This trip I found an overshirt from LL Bean, a tee shirt from Calvin Klein, and an Asian designed jacket from Nomadic Traders. You know what they womans trash is another womans treasure. And we got many good photos before we headed back to Camp Verde.

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