Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Skagit County Fair

Today we headed over to Mount Vernon for the Skagit County Fair. It was a small fair but was very family oriented. All around us were youngsters showing their horses, cows, and even reptiles. There were many individuals that caught our eye. This chicken to the left was a little annoyed that we hadn't talked to his agent before getting our publicity photo of him. While the little bunny at the right was hamming it up for the photographer. Hoping for a shot at Hollywood. The large pink pig seemed insulted when we were discussing having pulled pork sandwiches for lunch. He said "Hey I heard that". No problem, we had all beef hotdogs with chili instead. Some of the animals we saw were unusual for a fair, such as the llamas and alpacas. But they were fun to see and they tended to keep an eye on all of the people passing by. They were raised as pack animals and for their fur. This llama to the right was a therapy animal and went to hospital and convalescent facilities to be petted by the people who were sick. He is only one of four llamas in North America who are registered for therapy treatment of the sick or elderly.

The Australian Shepard was a big winner. Notice all of his ribbons hanging over his head. We watched an obedience trial while we were there and some of the dogs were a riot as they were not too obedient. During the sit/stay, one dog slithered on his stomach like a snake across the lawn over to his owner and looked up at her with adoring eyes while she tried to maintain a straight face for the judge. Of course, we had to visit the sheep barn where we saw this sheep on the right having a bad hair day. The goats were all enjoyable as always. There were many La Manchas, an old favorite of an old friend of ours from long ago. But the goat who was happiest to see us was this goat to the left. And no we did not bring him home. We finished up the fair by seeing all of the flower displays and then we headed home for a well deserved nap.

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