Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

During our last weekend in Brookings, our daughter and son-in-law joined us for a few days and it was so good to see them again. While Stacey and I went to the farmers market, Allan and Pat kayaked down the Chetco River. We drove them up river about 5 miles and dropped them off and later when we got the call, we headed over to the harbor to pick them up. Unfortunately it was a gray, foggy day, with not a ray of sunshine to be seen....but that did not deter them in the least. Because it was near the end of summer, the river was low in several places and so they had to portage through the shallow spots. The photo above shows Allan pulling his kayak into the deeper water. The photo at left is Pat in one of the deeper areas of the river. Notice that they are both wearing their just was not that warm. Meanwhile Stacey and I found numerous things to purchase while at the farmers market and it was also Pet weekend, so everyone had their dogs along. It was really festive and we had a good time too. Later that night we all went out to dinner. We were sorry to see them go the following day. We headed out for home not too long after, first stopping in Ashland for a couple of nights, then up and over the Pass, cutting east at Mt Shasta to Standish where we stayed overnight, and then on to Mono Lake for two nights before heading east and south to Las Vegas for a night and we arrived home last Friday.
It was 111 degrees in Apache Junction and we spent the evening and the following morning unloading the rv which I am glad that we did right away, as the air conditioner in our house started burning up and spitting sparks and generally biting the dust early on Sunday morning. One of our neighbors gave us a number to call for service and someone came out right away on Labor Day and when he saw how overheated I was, he went back to the office and brought out a portable a/c to put in our bedroom, so we would have one room where we could be cool. So is Wednesday and we have a brand new system and a huge dent in our savings account. But everything is working, we are finally cool, and we met some neighbors who came out to watch the crane and talk with us whom we had never met before. Today we finally got the rv into storage for the winter but in October we will be getting it back out for a few days while we get a new water heater installed and new Arizona registration taken care of.

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