Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Show

This last week we headed back up to Sedona for our annual pastel show. Every time we come into the Sedona area we are struck by the beauty of the landscape which is turned into paintings by so many artists. Our first evening we just drove around looking at the sunlight fading to shadows around each monolith. On Thursday we headed over to the Art Center to drop off all of the paintings that we had ferried up to Sedona and also to help hang the show. It was fun to decide which painting looked good next to another in order to show off everyone's work. Then Allan got busy pounding nails into the wall while other helpers hung the paintings or attached the name cards. After all the paintings were hung, Karen tidied up and Liz straightened all the paintings on the wall. We were ready to start the show and have the reception on Saturday. On Saturday we had over 100 visitors and two paintings were sold. Ellen Harper brought food and wine for everyone and awards were given out by Karen to those artists who were in attendance. Cheri Saffro is in the photo to the left with her painting "Lexis". On Sunday, Allan and I spent a quiet day babysitting the gallery and chatting with all the visitors who came by to see the show. We met Paul and Karen who are friends of our friends Mike and Rose. We also met a pastel artist from California called Colleen Howe. She talked about possibly doing a workshop with our group someday. Check out her website . Tomorrow will be our last day up here and we are going to go over to Prescott to see the galleries and have some lunch before we wrap up our visit and head for home on Tuesday.

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