Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Spring Paintings

Knowing that we will be out on the road for months, we decided to finish off a few paintings that were sitting and stewing while we contemplated their completion. By getting them finished, we could also get them photographed in case we needed to submit something to a show while we were on our journey. Allan had been working on a scene from Cypress Gardens in South Carolina just outside Charleston. When I first told him we were going to Cypress Gardens, he thought he was going to see girls in bathing suits swimming a ballet underwater and he was surprised to find himself at a swamp of black tannin water with alligators and turtles swimming underwater in what was certainly a search for food unlike the ballet he had envisioned. But there were many beautiful scenes and it is worth a return visit someday. He has also been working on and off with a photo he took in Charleston, Oregon. There were many fishing boats in the harbor and a good time to get photos of them was early in the morning or later in the early evening when they returned from fishing. We are hoping to get more photos this summer of the boats in the harbors of the Eastern Seaboard. And finally Allan completed a painting of an old barn near Crescent City, California. This is another subject that we hear the East Coast has plenty of....Barns. We are looking forward to getting lots of photos for painting in the winter to come. I, on the other hand, have been painting flowers again. These are tulips that we got at Trader Joes this winter and I think they worked out to be a good still life. The pink flower is from a photo I took at the Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon. The garden is similar to a Japanese Garden and they even have a tea pavillion where you can drink tea and watch the koi in the water and listen to a man play a traditional chinese instrument. Very relaxing.

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