Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday it's Alma... where in the world is Alma?

Alma, Arkansas is on the western border of Oklahoma and if you are thinking it must be in the boondocks, you are absolutely right on the mark. We are staying in the Crabtree RV Park which is essentially a gravel lot between the Crabtree RV Sales and the Crabtree RV Parts and Service. Not much happens in Alma except the occasional tornado which just happened to knock over a giant tree onto an RV right here in the Crabtree RV Park. We can see the flattened RV from our window. Talk about a view. Tonight we let the droid find a restaurant for us and if we had not had a droid we would never have found this restaurant which was named Talianos. As in Italiano's. It was on a side street surrounded by old turn of the century homes built of brick and many of them were abandoned. But that did not deter us from searching for a culinary gem in the midst of wonder bread and barbecue. The inside was shabby chic with what appeared to be the original chandeliers and other fixtures. Check out the trim at the top of the doorway in the interior photo to the right. Very ornate. I ordered a chicken with pasta dish that came with loads of sauce and sun dried tomatoes. Allan ordered an Italian Beer and Lasagne, always good to stick with the traditional, but what a surprise ..... it was two large noodles with meat sauce between them covered with cheese and more sauce, no ricotta. But the bigger surprise, although I don't know why we were surprised, was that the bread basket held.... you guessed it, wonder bread. I am wondering how far east we have to go to find bread that isn't wonder-ful. I am anxious to get past the middle of the US of A for another reason as well..... Allan is starting to talk with a drawl, ya'll know what I mean.

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