Friday, June 1, 2012

Nevada to Oregon

Driving North towards Wells, Nevada
We took a new road from Las Vegas up the back side of Nevada to Ely where we spent the night at the Prospector Casino which had about 20 spaces for $15 a night.  The drive was very interesting with a wildlife reserve in the high valley filled with rushes, birds, and of course, water.  We were not aware that the eastern side of Nevada was so verdant.  As we drove further into the high desert plateau, the area around us was green with irrigated fields and high mountain rivers.  But after we left Ely, we began to climb higher, over 7000 feet and we could see the snow on the mountains that surrounded the plateau.  It was beautiful scenery, especially since the ambient air temps were still around 65-70 where we were.  We spent the next night at Anderson Camp RV in Twin Falls, Idaho and it was a special place for the dogs as they had a huge field where we went with Elsie, Murray, and the BALL which they chased all over the field, off leash.  Elsie let Murray have the ball for the first few throws, then got the ball and took off in giant circles with Murray on her heels, running, running, panting, running, panting, falling over on his back with his tongue hanging out, and literally giving up on catching her.  It was a hoot.  She is one fast dog.  Wednesday we headed for Eagles Hot Springs RV in LaGrande, Oregon.  This was a great park, off the highway by a couple of miles, next to an old hot springs hotel which used to be the Mayo Clinic of the West.  Good experiences for the dogs here too.  Elsie found her first frogs and it was all Allan could do to keep her from jumping in the pond after them.  Murray found a gopher hole and stuck his head down into it so far that only the back of his ears were showing.   All around us were wetlands, with ducks and birds flying in and out of the reeds and waterways. 

Looking North towards Pendleton, Oregon
And finally on Thursday we headed out on I-84 for Portland where we arrived at the Columbia River RV Park a little after noon.  This park is across the street from the river itself and also the Yacht Club and several marinas.  It is just down the road from the I-5 onramp and one exit from Janzen Beach. 

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