Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Although yesterday was our first day in Flagstaff, we had already made arrangements to meet Rita and her husband Steve in Sedona for lunch.  We headed down early so that we could check out the wonderful consignment shops in the morning.  As usual, here in Sedona, we hit pay dirt.  Allan found 5 Ralph Lauren shirts in barely worn condition for $6 each and a couple of tshirts.  I found a Ralph Lauren dressy top and black dress pants (perfect for the Masters Pageant later in LA), plus a pair of Banana Republic dress slacks.  When we got to the cash register, it turned out that all clothing was 1/2 off, so our final tab was $31.  We got some really fine clothes and the PAWS pet shelter got a little more money.  Good news for everyone.  We then headed off to the Oaxaca to meet Rita and Steve for lunch.  We had a great conversation about food, art, and travel.  We were also able to give Rita a return gift of two of our paintings for the painting she gave to us of our two dogs, which was in the Spring Sedona Show.
Elsie and Murray are now famous and we enjoy her painting so much as it is a reminder of when they were just year old pups.
They are such great travelers too.  They have really taken to the rv life and have already settled into their traveling routines.  Allan takes them for long walks every day and they are especially lucky in this rv park to have an off leash area to run around.  The people in this park have little signs all over the park to remind you of the rules and they even have a sign in the dog park.  
Today is a Flagstaff day... we will just check out the town a little and then stock up on some groceries for our week in the Grand Canyon.   We will probably have to have a nap this afternoon as the rig next to us is full of young men from Britain who talked under our bedroom window last night until after 2 a.m.   We are hoping they move on down the road today and are replaced by a quiet senior couple.  

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