Friday, October 3, 2014


Last Saturday, Allan and I drove over to Morro Bay to drop off my paintings at the Morro Bay Art Gallery.  It was similar to dropping off paintings at our own shows, with artists coming in and checking their names off, setting out the paintings along the walls and saying hi to old friends.  We didn't have any old friends, as this was a new venture for me, but we were happy to meet Jerry, the show chair and he chatted with us for quite a while and made us feel welcome.  One thing that was different at the drop off, was that a numbered sticker was placed over the signature on the painting so that when the judge came by on the following day, they would not be able to see who painted any of the paintings.  But I am pretty darn sure that the painting next to mine was a Terry Ford, with her characteristic deeper, darker, and richer colors.  We will see tomorrow when the gallery opens the show to the public.  We did notice that every single one of the paintings was great.  It did not matter whether they were portraits, landscape, or still life.... each one was beautifully executed.  If you are in the area, the reception is on October 12th.  
On Tuesday, we headed up to Paso Robles to purchase Italian Sparkling Grape Juice for myself and also for our own show reception at the Scottsdale Artists School on October 18th.  I would have loved to purchase the wine there also, but it is a little out of our budget.  
Last night, we headed into San Luis Obispo to the downtown evening farmers market and it was well worth the visit.  There were no arts and crafts at all, just produce and food stalls, but it covered about four blocks and there were plenty of folks out for the event.  
Almost immediately, Allan spotted a pasty stall and his Australian heritage called out to him.  He got a steak and rutabaga pasty, I got one with chicken pie ingredients.  Both were delicious.  
At the produce stalls, we purchased bunches of tiny carrots, beets, beautiful Spanish onions, a whole box of shallots for two dollars, tomatoes, pluots, strawberries, blackberries, assorted lettuces, garnet yams, and a cucumber.  
We walked back along the street, listening to all of the various street musicians, ranging from a Scotsman playing some sort of long necked fiddle to a classical violinist to the usual folk guitar and finally a teenage boys rock and roll band (which was quite good with sounds of the 70's filling the night).   At the other end of the market were all the food stalls and there must have been at least ten different rib stalls, with the vendors doing everything they could to attract the customers to their own ribs.   It was definitely a fun evening and we came home with plenty of produce for the week to come.

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