Monday, July 20, 2015


Elsie, Murray, and Allan driving over Hwy 20 to Winthrop, WA.
Our first stop after leaving Vancouver was a small cowboy themed town on Hwy 20 East called Winthrop.  We had driven Hwy 20 on past trips, but only as far as Winthrop from the East and as far as the town of Concrete from the West.  We had never actually been over the entire highway.  
Cascades National Park, our American Alps
Well, surprise surprise.... the road took us through what was called the American Alps.  It was actually the Cascades National Park and although we have been staying all around this area for years, we were not aware that there was a national park hidden away on Hwy 20.  There were many trailheads off of the highway leading off into the wilderness but we never really saw a visitor center although there was a road leading south that might have been promising.

 However we had a long drive ahead of us and we continued on to Winthrop where we stayed in the Pine Near RV Park which turned out to be wonderful.  Huge grassy sites, full hookups, free wifi, and dark starry nights.  And it was a simple walk to town.  We were only there for a few days so that we could do the laundry, go to the grocery store and generally catch up before moving East.  The grocery store in Twisp was interesting with wild animals displayed everywhere; bears, African lions, mountain lions, wildebeests, etc.  It gives new meaning to knowing where your meat comes from.  
We also were going to try and do a plein air painting and went out one day to find a location and get some photos.  We found a beautiful field full of mustard plants and returned the next day all ready to paint only to find that the whole field had been tilled under.   They must have done it in the middle of the night?  
Oh well, on to Wenatchee where we had reservations at the Wenatchee River County Park.  Another beautiful location with sites arranged around a circle which gave everyone a lot of privacy.  Huge poplar trees and green grass all around and all of this adjacent to the Wenatchee River.   Since the weather is in the 90's here, we went out and got a couple of rafts to take down to the river.  Quite nice, just bobbing about in the water on a lazy afternoon.  The dogs enjoyed it too.  
We were here on a Saturday, so had to visit the Wenatchee Farmers Market.  We had been there before and knew that all the fresh produce, especially fruit from the area would be for sale.  And we were not disappointed.  Peaches, about 6 different varieties, apricots, cherries, blueberries and plums.  We were also able to buy fresh salmon and just picked corn on the cob.  And I was able to get cabbage salsa.  We hadn't had cabbage salsa since we left California.   

Of course we couldn't resist going over to Leavenworth at least once while we were here.  It is such a great success story for a town refashioned to look like a town in Bavaria. Even if it is a little hokey,  there are still some good brats with beer, so we went over for lunch and ended up finding a great consignment shop where Allan purchased two Tommy Hilfiger shirts.   Tomorrow we head to Coeur d'Alene, which will be our take off point for Radium Hot Springs.     

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