Wednesday, June 8, 2016


One of the fruits we purchased at the farmers market was a seedless mandarin orange.  Umm Yum.  Not too sour, not too sweet... just right.  Easy to peel, kind of like a tangerine... and no seeds.  Lovely!  Well, we had to have one for our garden at home, so we looked around through the local nurseries and finally found one at a reasonable price.  We were assured that it would do fine in Arizona... after all it did really well in all the climates of China, so we are bringing home a new citrus, and it even has fruit on it already.

Well, of course we can't just walk into a nursery and buy a specific plant and then walk out again, so the citrus is bringing along three geranium friends, none of which we have seen in our local AZ nurseries.

Every morning it is foggy here in Grover Beach, and Shell Beach, and Pismo and Morro and you get the picture.... so we usually paint until the fog starts to lift and then we head out for the day.   I just finished a painting of the Tehachapi hills a little after sunrise.  Since we were staying in Tehachapi for a couple of days, we had time to get out and explore.  It was our second morning when we found a canyon that headed back east towards Mojave.   

Allan didn't start a painting until we got to our destination in Grover Beach.  We took a drive east of Arroyo Grande and then north towards San Luis Obispo where we encountered vineyards.  There are many small wineries along the back roads to the east of Hwy 101.  We will be returning to some of these roads later on when we go wine tasting.

Today we were really tired out because Elsie had a bad night last night and Allan ended up taking her out and walking her around a bit which seemed to help.   So neither of us felt like doing much and instead we just kicked back this morning and then drove over to Morro Bay to the Bay Cafe for lunch.  Just had a sandwich, nothing special, but then we were very bad and split a piece of tres leches cake for dessert.  

When we came out of the cafe, there were some hot rods and retro cars parked here and there and this car was especially interesting, mostly because of its passenger.

Yes, it is a labradoodle, with sunglasses.  He was a really big specimen and enjoyed meeting everyone.  He could raise and lower his own doggoggles by rubbing them on the seat or dashboard.  
Then.... we headed home for a well deserved nap.

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