Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Isleta Lakes RV Park

in Albuquerque, NM

Arrived on Sunday and immediately went out for some green chile stew.  Not as good as up in Santa Fe... but we may find something better by the end of the week.  Yesterday we drove up to Bernalillo and went to a used book store where Allan found several books... all military memoirs and I got a few travel anthologies and a couple of mysteries.  Today we hope to drop in on a couple of other used bookstores here in town.

Wednesday the convention officially starts, although there are some workshops going on today for the early birds.

I am really thankful that most of my shoulder tendinitis is gone and the pinched nerve in my neck has quieted down... I hope to get through the convention without any more issues, but we will see.  This has just been the hardest winter with health issues, rv issues, and a very heavy pastel society schedule.  We are looking forward to enjoying the convention and then heading on down to Rockport for some rest by the sea.  

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