Saturday, September 5, 2009

Casey's Riverside RV Park in Westfir, Oregon

Usually we stay in Tualatin when we want to be near Portland, but this time we decided to stay at the Pheasant Ridge RV Resort in Wilsonville which is just a few exits further south. This is a lovely landscaped park on a terraced hillside. They have clean as a whistle restrooms and showers with plenty of hot water and an indoor swimming pool with spa. The prices seemed on a par with other parks with the Good Sam discount and we stayed two nights so that we could do some stocking up at Trader Joes just up the freeway a few exits. The only negative note came when we tried to make the turn out of our site when exiting. Notice the white pole stuck in the ground at the end of the site? I am sure it is there so people do not drive over their grass but it barely gave us enough room to make the turn and we had to back up and try again at a different angle. Plenty of help and advice from all the neighbors and we were on our way.
We headed south through Eugene, turning east at Goshen on Hwy 58 for 30 more miles to Westfir. After we saw the park where we had reservations, we almost did not turn in. There were several very old mobile home perms near the entrance and it did not look too inviting, but we decided it was only for two days so we turned into the driveway and drove on past the mobile homes to the office where we could see that Casey's Riverside RV Park was actually past the office and along the river. And it was beautiful. Many tall trees and flowers everywhere, green lawns all manicured. There was a community barbeque area with a free soft serve ice cream machine. And of course the middle fork of the north fork of the Willamette River rushing along carrying its many fish, according to our new neighbor. Many of our rv neighbors have been staying here for the summer for a number of years. It has great weather and is within driving distance to Eugene for more serious shopping. We are giving it some consideration for one of our stays next summer. We will definitely stay longer next time. Today was rainy all day so Allan made Chili and I worked on my needlepoint in the morning. During the afternoon we just laid around and read our books and napped and then after dinner we got out for a walk with the dogs and met some new neighbors, Bill and Jana, who had traveled to many of the same places that we have been. It is always fun trading traveling stories and locations. And tomorrow we continue east and south to Tule Lake, the land of ducks and horseradish.

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