Monday, September 7, 2009

An Unlikely RV Park in Likely, California

When we arrived in Tulelake, the town looked as if it had shriveled up and was ready to be blown away by the winter winds. Everything seemed abandoned and we decided to keep on traveling and look for another spot to rest for the night. The Google Map Search for RV Parks in the area led us to the Likely Place RV & Golf in Likely, CA which is about 20 miles south of Alturas on 395. We called and reserved a site for the night and were told that when we turn into the park, not to get discouraged if we do not see the golf course or rv park. Instead we will see cows, horses, and other wildlife until we travel 1.5 miles up and over a small hill. Sure enough....there was a lovely rv park and golf course inside of this very large ranch carpeted with wild natural grasslands and small pines. We were assigned a site on a terraced hillside with more sites above us and below us. We checked in at the Golf Clubhouse which housed a small cafe serving breakfast and lunch. There was a lovely covered veranda where you could eat your lunch overlooking the golf course and adjacent to the clubhouse was a large carport where all of the golf carts were located. The manager explained how the old ranch owner used to sit and watch all the rv's heading up and down 395 without any really good parks for them between Reno and Klamath Falls (actually we have not found anything good yet in Klamath Falls either). The ranch owner decided to make some rv spaces and figured the rv'ers would stop if there was some golfing and fishing as well. So he started off with 10 rv spaces and a 3 hole golf course. This has been expanded over the years to a full 18 hole course with terraced hillsides of rv spaces. There is also a walking trail around the entire golf course where you are able to see deer and different varieties of birds. Although the only wildlife that we saw was in the evening as the sun was setting when a covey of quail wandered around by the front door of our rig. Ginger, our cat was sitting outside on the step within 2 feet of them but only gave them a cursory glance, and they did not even notice her. We were very pleased with this park and the rate for the night was only $25. It is only a short 1.5 miles off of 395 and another 1.5 miles inside the ranch and it was a perfect stopover for the night. And for those of you who play golf, well maybe you might want to stay a little longer.

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