Friday, May 21, 2010

Time To Hit The Road

Usually we are on the road by the end of April or the first of May, but this year we had a few setbacks; some financial, some medical, and at least one was the weather in the direction we were headed. But now we are one week away from being on the road again and we are really looking forward to seeing some new places and gathering some new photos for fabulous paintings. This year we are making a loop around the four corners region, starting in Santa Fe....then moving up to Taos...going west again to Chama where we will stay almost one month....and then north up to Creede (which is Stephen Quiller country for all of you artists out there)....backtracking to Durango....and finishing up at Priest's Gulch which is on the road to Telluride. Hopefully we will be home around the beginning of September. Allan has been working on getting the truck ready and today it is getting a new compressor for the air conditioning. Next weekend we will be pulling the 5th Wheel in front of our home to be washed and packed. At least we won't have to pack everything we own this trip as we now have our permanent base here in Apache Junction. We have still been painting almost every morning and we both have completed several paintings since the Sedona Show. We are applying (with 3 of our artist friends) to have an exhibition at the little gallery in Boyce Thompson Arboretum. One of Allan's entries is seen at the top of this post. It is the truck that is in the Australia Exhibit at the Arboretum. One of my entries is seen above right. It is a group of barrel cactus in the Arboretum demo garden.

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