Saturday, June 5, 2010

On To Santa Fe

We picked up the rv from storage last Friday night and it took us four days of cleaning and packing to get ready for take-off. Here is the rv in front of our house (which has now been painted sage green and white) and the length of the rv takes up the entire width of the property. We said goodbye to our neighbors and headed off on Wednesday morning early. We took a new route up through Payson and although it was a little slower due to the up and down nature of the road, it was also very scenic and we were surprised to find that the Upper Mongollon Rim was forested with lakes and small meadows. We arrived in Holbrook right before lunch and since it was Wednesday, all the cafes in town were serving $1.00 tacos, so we had a few tacos and went rockhounding in some of the surrounding rock shops. We managed to find some nice petrified wood for our cactus garden back home and saw a very old roadster at one of the shops. The OK RV Park in Holbrook is a good place to pull in for the night with long pullthrus and FHU, but it is not a destination unless you are looking to do some serious rockhounding in the surrounding areas or you are hankering to see the Petrified Forest National Park. We were on the road bright and early the next day and arrived in Albuquerque at the Enchanted Trails RV Park. We got the PA rate of $15.00 for the night but it was on an all dirt pull through site. In comparison, the Casino RV park on Hwy 25 has grass and walking paths around some small lakes with more modern FHU facilities. We arrived in Albuquerque in time for lunch, so we headed down to old town where we knew of a great carne adovado at the Cactus Cafe. They did not let us down and we had a wonderful table on the shaded patio. Friday morning we got a later start as we did not have far to go. We arrived in Santa Fe at the Trailer Ranch RV Resort around eleven and got a beautiful site along the back wall in the shade. We set out all the patio furniture and just kicked back for the afternoon, reading and napping. Steak on the barbie for dinner. Today we did some grocery shopping; first at the farmers market where we picked up some chile/corn/cheese quiches and other baked goods for breakfasts later in the week. Then we headed over to Trader Joes to get yogurt and finally we stopped in at Sunflower where we found the rest of the items on our shopping list. We spent the rest of the afternoon reading, needlepointing, and napping. Four days on the road and we have done nothing but eat, read, and nap. Is this great or what? But lucky for all of you out there....we are gearing up to check out some of the local sights. Los Alamos, Bandelier National Monument, Santa Fe Plaza, and Canyon Drive are on our to see list. But for now....have to get ready for chicken on the barbie.

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