Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And Its Tuesday.. So It Must Be Oklahoma City

Tried to leave early this morning but we had a terrible night of awning flapping and the rig rockin and rolling to the high winds and even higher gusts which lasted until about 6 in the morning. On top of the night with no sleep, we always depend on Ned and Alice getting us up around 5:30 a.m. for their first break of the day, but I had forgotten we were in the Central Time Zone now and so the day did not break until after 6:30..... so now I know that the dogs are getting up with the sunlight and they can't tell time after all. Since we were running late, we only had a piece of toast and hit the road. We managed to escape most of the wind during the morning until about 10 o'clock when the crosswinds started beating us up as we crossed from Texas into Oklahoma. I am not sure why these people stay here in the midwest.... I could not take this wind on a daily basis, that's for sure. We are staying at the Council Road RV Park which turns out to be mostly seasonal workers for the oil fields. It is OK for a one night stand.... but wouldn't be a good place to stay otherwise. After an afternoon rest... we headed out to the Rib Crib for dinner which turned out to be pretty good. Allan had some tender dry rubbed baby back ribs and I had pulled pork. We knew we were back in the midwest again when we got wonder bread toast with our meal. These people around here seriously need a Trader Joes. No photos of our travels, food, or rv parks.... sorry, I am still recovering from the past weekend, so I am including a photo from the conference instead. This is me checking out some of the stuff for sale in the vendor area.

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