Monday, June 6, 2011

Its Monday So It Must Be Amarillo

Today we took off early to avoid the high winds gusting across New Mexico and Texas. East of Albuquerque the scenery was fairly flat and the atmosphere was hazy with smoke from the wildfires in Eastern Arizona. We arrived in Amarillo, Texas at the Oasis RV Resort (thanks Mark and Renita for the referral) just around lunch time and the winds were just picking up to over 20 mph with gusts around 30 mph. We kicked back for the afternoon and then went to the Big Texan for a steak dinner. There are no shortage of places to eat around here, they are all lined up along the highway, west to east.

I haven't had a chance to mention much about the Pastel Conference so far, but we have had a stimulating weekend, watching demos, buying new supplies, going to banquets, having lunch with pastel artists from Chile, Australia, and Canada.... and many other experiences. On Thursday we watched a PaintAround with 5 artists who are known nationally for their pastel work. A paintaround is fun to watch as each artist has to bring a photo of something they want to paint in pastel.... they have 10 minutes to start their painting, then the timer says move and everyone puts down what they are doing and moves to the easel next to them. They then have 10 minutes to work on their neighbors painting, and every 10 minutes they keep moving around to the next easel adding to what has already been done, until they return to their own easel where they have the last 10 minutes to finish, before time is called. So all five paintings have to be completed within this one hour. Later at the banquet the paintings were auctioned off with the money donated to art scholarships. The artists involved this year were Maggie Price... our current IAPS president, Urania Christie-Tarbet.. our prior president and IAPS founder, Jamie Markle.. author & publisher, Liz Heywood-Sullivan... IAPS VP, and Fred Somers.. Artist. The top photo (from left to right) is Fred, Jamie, & Maggie. The middle photo is Liz and the bottom photo is Urania. That evening the Arizona pastellists all sat together for the buffet dinner and it was a wonderful way to start the conference.

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