Sunday, March 8, 2009

Starting Over

We are now full timers. Through an act of fate we will now be selling our home and living in our 5th wheel full time. We have packed up all of our art supplies and a few more clothes and exchanged the camping silverware with our house silverware. We have sent all personal items off to be with our daughter in California and donated the rest to habitat for humanity. We loaded up our Folbot kayaks ...sacrificing the barbeque to get the space we needed. Something in....something out, is the motto of those who live in a small space. Probably people on a boat have the same issues of those of us on the road. While we were getting squared away, we stayed at Justins Diamond J RV Park in West Tucson and were pleased at how convenient it was to our house, the realtor, and the dump (which is about 5 miles down the road). This is not a fancy park but it was clean and easy to park and had a strong desert atmosphere, especially at night. Definitely a good option for when you are passing through the Tucson area.

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