Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Arcata Farmers Market and Co-op Cooking School

Coming down I-80 from Reno to Sacramento, our spare tire lost 30 lbs of pressure and so we pulled over in Woodland at Les Schwab's Tires to get 5 new tires for the Montana. That evening we stayed in Dunnigan for the night and headed across Clear Lake in the morning to get to 101. We arrived in Fortuna at the Riverwalk RV Park in the afternoon. This is a beautiful campground on the Eel River just about 15 miles south of Eureka. After that long arduous trip, we were very glad to see our daughter and son-in-law that evening. They made us a wonderful steak dinner with grilled vegies and we just sat around and had a relaxing evening catching up on the news and making plans for the week.

The next day we drove up to Trinidad and took photos all along the coast and had fish and chips at the Trinidad Pier. It was a little chilly but at least we had mostly clear skies for some very good photos of waves and coastline. More raw resource material for future paintings.
On Saturday we headed for the Arcata Farmers Market where they always have delicious strawberries, raspberries, lettuces, peas, and fresh flowers. Not to mention the band playing music and all of the interesting looking people walking around. A real slice of Americana.
Another all American activity is going to the Crabs baseball game, which we attended on Sunday afternoon with our daughter. Although we did not have any sunshine, the weather was mild and the Crabs won. When we arrived, the Crab Grass Band was already set up and playing their music which they continued to do in between batters and innings all throughout the game.

On Monday evening our daughter had invited us to join the two of them at a Dim Sum Cooking Class at the Co-Op. This was our first cooking class and it was a real treat. The Co-op had a special kitchen with a classroom setting and a local chef was teaching the class. She started off with a Green Onion Pancake which was almost like a crepe with green onions in it. And then she showed us how to make the Pork for the Pork Bao, and how to prepare the shrimp for the shrimp rolls. We got to see how to make egg rolls and Pot Stickers, then we all went to stations where we tried to make them for ourselves. The pot stickers take a real talent, one side of the circle stays smooth and the other side is pleated onto the smooth side. So all of us with fumble fingers made some very strange looking potstickers, but they all tasted fantastic. The Co-op staff took care of washing the dishes, assisting the cook, and pouring wine or beer for the participants. This is sure a fun way to go out to dinner.

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