Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Las Vegas in New Mexico

Yesterday we took a drive NE to see the town of Las Vegas which is about half way between Raton and Santa Fe. This little town was where the early visitors to Taos would depart the train from back east and complete their long travels by motorcar. The town still had a large train station but the remainder of the town was either boarded up or falling down. Most of the buildings looked as if they had not been painted or any other repairs since the early 1900's. Most of the town's inhabitants that we saw on the streets also looked like they have been going through hard times or in some cases were just released from prison. But we managed to find the book store which was called Tome on the Range and found several new and used books to drag back to the RV. I had already researched where to have lunch and we drove to Charlie's Bakery & Cafe which turned out to be a Mexican Restaurant. But in spite of the change in menu, the food was plentiful and good. As usual we could choose between the green hatch chile sauce or the red sauce but I got something I had never had before, a green chile relleno and a red chile relleno. After lunch we headed back to our rig, ready for our nap. For the last few days Allan (with the steel immune system) has had this horrible cold and cough, in addition to the lingering cough that I still have, so we are trying to get lots of rest, and just take short jaunts out into Santa Fe or beyond.

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