Thursday, October 20, 2011

We Are Not In Kansas Anymore ToTo

Due to hints, suggestions, and outright soft pressure, I have returned to the blog for an update on what we have been up to since leaving Kansas City. With a short stay in Colorado Springs, we continued on to Taos where we had planned to stay for two weeks. The new pricing at the Taos Valley RV park quickly put an end to that idea, as it was over $300. per week. While we were there we checked on the little rv park out on the North side of town, as you head over towards the Rio Grande Bridge and it looks like our new Go To place when we are in Taos Town. As usual while we were in Taos, we hit all the museums to look at our favorite paintings and hopefully see some new ones too. We ate Green Chile Stew and Guacamole and many of our other New Mexican favorite foods including Tres Leches Cake. See Above.

We found a great route from the East to get into Taos with a minimum of grade elevation and a fabulous road which ran from Colorado over to Fort Garland and then went straight south. And the views were beautiful the entire way. . . . . . . . .

When we got back home to Apache Junction we decided to jump on some remodeling projects around the house as well as getting ready to submit some paintings to the Fall Show in Cottonwood. Since that time we have found out that Allan had all 3 of his paintings accepted and I had two of mine accepted as well. As one of the new Workshop Chairpersons in our pastel group I had to get to work on several workshops that are coming up this Winter. We were looking forward to going to the October meeting where Lorenzo Chavez was coming to do a demo painting. He chose to do a winter scene in Colorado and although it was primarily a blue photograph, the painting turned out to be quite warm in tone. See Right. . . . . . .

We were surprised this last week to have some RV friends come through our town to visit. We are always thankful to have Rose and Mike, the first of our Rockport, Texas friendships that we made on those memorable winters down on the gulf, be here in Mesa where they also have a winter home. And then we got a call from Renita and Mark, the second pair of friends we made at the same rv park down in Rockport and who we have since met up with on the trail, come for four days this last week. But then we got a call from Nancy and Jim, another couple that we have met up with out on the road and our third friendship from down in Rockport who called to say they were staying here in Mesa until the first of January. Well we had to have our 2nd Biennial Rockport RV Reunion and it has been so great to see everyone all at the same time. Everyone has been busy with many different things; Rose and Mike have become grandparents to Charlotte, Jim and Nancy have finally completed all 48 states and have gone up in a balloon in Albuquerque, and Mark and Renita are finally turning those rocks into gold, well almost.... they are making the most extraordinary jewelry and becoming quite successful marketing it as well. In addition to our reunion dinner, we also have been out visiting Organ Stop Pizza and heading out to Tortilla Flats for the scenery and the burgers. In the above photos you can see Mark, Allan, Nancy, and Jim looking out at the Bighorn Sheep (see below) and then in the lower photo is Renita and Mark checking out the scenery.

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