Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Winter 2012

The Sedona Show is coming up soon and Allan got one painting in the show (Blue Boat) and I got two this time (Aloe Bloom) and (Apache Trail, see previous post). We are planning to drive up to Sedona soon to be there for two weeks during the show and take some time off from all of the remodeling that has been going on around our house for the last six weeks. We have been putting an Arizona Room addition on to the North side of our home to increase our studio space and have a small sitting area where the morning light comes in the windows. Both of us have been fighting a terrible cold virus for the last month so it was like March just flew by without anything of note happening other than the sawing and hammering coming from the construction. The best two things of the whole winter are Elsie and Murray. Along with all of the house training, they have also had a visit to the vet for neutering/spaying and a second vet visit to have puppy teeth removed. They are a handful and keep us busy all of the time but they are the bright lights in our lives. They both love to walk with Allan to get the mail and Elsie is turning out to be the great hunter, scaring up the rabbits and chasing off the birds. Murray is more person oriented and comes to his name and sleeps on the chaise lounge with me in the afternoon when I read and nap. Both of them run for the tossed toy and they have to bring it back together, two sets of teeth firmly clamped on the poor stuffed toy. They are going to be taking their first rv trip in a couple of weeks when we head to Sedona and it will be a good introduction to our longer trip this summer to the northwest.

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