Friday, April 13, 2012

Sedona 2012

Camelot RV Park, Old Cottonwood
It's that time of the year again for the pastel show held at the Sedona Arts Center. Allan and I arrived on Wednesday in Cottonwood, where we will be staying for the two week duration of the show.   This is the first rv trip for Elsie and Murray and there were mixed reactions to traveling in the truck.  Elsie sat on the raised platform that we had made and looked out of the window for the next two hours.  Murray felt more secure down in his bed, but snuck a peek every once in a while. 
Elsie and Murray, First Truck Ride
Thursday was a big day for everyone as we had to take all of the paintings we had collected over to the Sedona Art Center to be hung.  But in the morning we took a walk from the rv park around the corner to the community dog park and Elsie and Murray had their first dog park experience.  The dog park was divided into three sections; small dogs, large dogs, and training dogs.  We headed into the small dog area where our puppies got to meet a younger, but larger boxer puppy named Zeus.  It took them about ten minutes to get the idea, but then everyone was rocketing around the yard playing chase.  When we took them on the following day, they couldn't wait to get in the gate and meet even more dogs.  Later on Thursday we headed over to the Art Center to be there when people dropped off their paintings and later hanging the paintings with Laura Black and Karen Budan.  It was a smaller show than usual but it was a nice selection of paintings and the show looked good when we left.  Today after coming back from the dog park we headed up to Jerome for lunch.  We ate at Quince's, which was recommended to us, but we both thought it was too pretentious to be classified as good mexican food.  However when we got back home I got a call from Laura at the art gallery to say that a painting had sold, and it was my "Apache Trail".    What great news. 
Rocket Dogs

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